Why Join DU

There are many great reasons to join Delta Upsilon. It is difficult to describe everything you gain by being a member of the fraternity online. The best way to see if you would make a good member of Delta Upsilon is to come to the house.

What Members get out of Delta Upsilon?
Many members who have rushed and pledged Delta Upsilon would agree that through membership, they gained:

  • Life long Friendships
  • Job skills
  • Experience with dealing with a diverse group of people
  • Ideas
  • Expanded horizons
  • Future contacts/networking
  • Leadership development/opportunities
  • Social development
  • Enjoyment and memories

Will YOU make a good DU?
Just by visiting this website and reading the resources we provide to prospective brothers online shows us that you are interested in joining. The only real way to see if you make a good member is to come by the house! Expect to see flyers, posters, and chalking on the sidewalks when the recruitment process begins. We look forward to meeting you!

“Fortunate is the young man who either in family or college relations finds himself constrained by some worthy ideal which makes him feel he will be untrue to his former associations unless he measures up to the talents that have been given to him. So every Delta Upsilon man has received a benediction. Let nothing rob us of the spirit of fraternity; let nothing destroy the bond of Delta Upsilon.”

– Brother Charles Evans Hughes
Colgate & Brown 1881
United States Supreme Court Justice