New Member Period

dillondanoalexIf our chapter extends you a bid to join our fraternity, you have until the pledge period begins to accept the invitation. When you receive this invitation, it is basically the key to the house and pledgeship among Delta Upsilon. Upon accepting the invitation by signing of the bid, you will then be notified where and when to show up, and our chapter will induct you into the Associate Member Program . From the moment you are pinned in, you become an Associate Member of Delta Upsilon. As a pledge class, you will participate in:

  • Many fun chapter activities and events
  • Create a fundraiser for your pledge class
  • Do a philanthropy together as a pledge class
  • Study, hang out, and do activities together
  • We ask that you pay your Pledge dues in a timely manner

You will also learn the history, rituals, principles, constitution, and bylaws of the Western Illinois Chapter and International Fraternity. Elect an executive board for your pledge class. Develop lifelong relationships with the members of our chapter. Be able to attend exchanges with other fraternities and sororities. You will never be forced to do anything against your will. We are a strict non-hazing fraternity, and do not permit anyone to violate the rules of our constitution.

After you successfully complete the Associate Period, have your dues and fees paid, and your GPA is not below a 2.5, you will be initiated the following semester. The reason we wait to initiate a pledge class until the next semester is to verrify grades.