Parents FAQs

Many parents feel that they may not be able to afford the costs of a Fraternity. When staring off at Western, most freshmen pay more for their room and board than what it costs for a member to live in the house. The room and board at the Delta Upsilon Chapter House provides all living expenses, catered food provided by Sodexo (university catering) as well as weekly groceries, and member dues discounted and included. Throughout the years, some of the common questions we have received from parents are listed and answered on this page.

  1. How much does it cost to be a DU?
    Here is the breakdown of membership dues for our chapter:

    • Pledge Semester: Pledge Dues: $170
    • After Pledge Semester:
      – Initiation Fee: $240  (payable at initiation) (one time only fee)
      – Member dues (living in the house): $310
      – Member dues (living out of the house): $350
    • * Room & Board:
      – Rent: $2,220
      – Board(Meals): $1050
      – Insurance Fee: $100
      – Damage Fee: $100 (annual)
      – Total Room & Board: $3,780
      (member dues included)

    * = Every member is required to live in the chapter house for a minimum of 1 year (2 semesters) unless otherwise approved by the Western Illinois DU Alumni Corporation.

  2. DU House vs. Residence Halls
    Many parents feel that their son should at least try the residence halls. We encourage our freshman members to live in the residence halls. Here at Delta Upsilon we have guidelines that say every member has to be a part of another on campus organization. Our house is close to campus (easy walking distance). Living in our house, your son will have many more leadership and social opportunities that living out of the house would not otherwise offer. Another advantage is your son will also have several chances to become closer with many of the member whom will usually become some of their best life long friends.
  3. Academics @ Delta Upsilon
    You son’s academic welfare is not only important to us, but a necessity to keep our good standing with the University and our International Headquarters. We want to continue to achieve great grades. We do this by having a diverse group of older members who can help your son through the tough classes that they once took. We have a large test file of old tests, quizzes, and assignments as resources and to aid him in choosing future classes.
  4. Strict Non-Hazing Chapter
    It is against our chapter’s Constitution to haze. It is also against university policy to haze, we are a recognized Fraternity at WIU and has been on campus since 1974). Delta Upsilon is the only non-secret Fraternity in Western’s Greek Life programs. Your son will be allowed to share with you everything that he does at our Fraternity, and he will not be ashamed to tell you of his experiences. Hazing goes against all that we believe in, which is why we do not partake in such actions.
  5. Dry vs. Wet Chapters
    A “dry” fraternity is a chapter that is no longer allowed to have alcohol on its premises. On the other hand a “wet” fraternity is a chapter allowed to have alcohol. Delta Upsilon has made agreements that if a chapter has shown exceptional quality through grades, philanthropy, chapter operations, safety standards according to local state and federal laws, and have speakers speak about underage drinking, drinking and driving, and rape, they may make the choice to be a “wet” or “dry” chapter. The Western Illinois Chapter of Delta Upsilon is a “wet” chapter. This means that we have been successful in controlling consumption of alcohol of the members of our chapter, and anyone that attends our events.
  6. Alumni Involvement
    We have a strong Alumni base of over 600 alumni. These alumni often come to the house from time to time. A group of several alumni (Corporation Board), run the physical plant (Chapter House), and manages its upkeep and renovations. Alumni of the Western Illinois Chapter also donate time and money to the Fraternity, doing what they can to make their college experience that much more special. We also hold Alumni & Parents weekends every semester.
  7. Other Greek Facts
    • Nationally, fraternity members acquire grade point averages above all other college men’s scholastic rankings.
    • Nationally, fraternity members have an overall higher graduation rate than non-Greeks. Seventy-one percent of all fraternity men persist to graduation while only 50 percent of all non-fraternity members graduate.
    • All but two U.S. presidents since 1825 have been fraternity men, and 63 percent of the U.S. presidents’ cabinet members since 1900 have been fraternity men .
    • Studies show that 76 percent of Congress, 71 percent of the men listed in “Who’s Who in America,” and 85 percent of the Fortune 500 executives belong to a fraternity.
    • Since 1910, 85 percent of the Supreme Court justices have been Greek.
    • Greeks contribute innumerable community service hours and contributions to local and national charities annually. WIU Greeks contribute 80 percents of all alumni donations.