Chapter House

houseThe Delta Upsilon House is one of the primary locations where the chapter carries out its functions. Below you will get a little insight into what our house is like and how to get there.

Quick Tour
Features of the house include a large basement with a TV room, connected to the pool table room and weight room. Just up the stairs is the Graduate Assistant’s apartment and our formal living room. Through the mailroom into the residence hallway which connects twelve rooms, all capable of handling two members per room. At the end of the hallway is the study room. Located within the study room three larger rooms designated to members with the most house points and one reserved for the President.

Location Directions
The DU House is located at 620 W. Elting St. It is just off N. Avery St. if coming East from Murray St. Coming from Pierce St. you can turn on N. Johnson St. which will eventually force you left into Murray St. Keep East on Murray St. past two stopsigns and turn right on N. Avery St. to arrive at the DU House.

Anyone that lives in North Quad campus can easily walk SW to a path that will go down a hill and bring you to a small bridge. Our blue and gold letters are sure to let you know you have found the right place.

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